If your goal is to hear the freshest sounds Chicago has ever encountered, look no further than The Mashed Potatoes. For over 5 years, The Mashed Potatoes have dedicated themselves to mastering a funky sound that expands over several decades of music. We pride ourselves on accommodating any song request we receive from our clients as our #1 goal is to make your event the best it can be.

The Mashed Potatoes, much like the food they’re named after, are malleable to fit whatever your needs are. At our largest, the band consists of 8 talented musicians and vocalists, which is perfect if you’re looking for an impressive sound for parties, private/corporate events, weddings, etc. The Mashed Potatoes can also easily break down to as small as a duo, if you’re looking for something more intimate. In the simplest of terms, The Mashed Potatoes will work hard towards your happiness!

We encourage you to check out ourĀ Facebook page, and SoundCloud account to get an idea of what The Mashed Potatoes can offer you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out us with any questions.

Current Members:



Brooke Whoolery – Lead Vocalist

Megan Ensley – Vocalist


Dan Agosto – Guitar


Nick Thaikos – Bass


Paul Nixon – Saxophone


John Riordan – Trombone


Tim Cooper – Drums

Mike Cole - Keys/Electronics

Mike Cole – Keys/Electronics